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18 August 2009 @ 01:28 am
So today was schedule pick up day for juniors. It started out all bad. I woke up at different times, 8am, 10am, 11am. Then I got on the computer and saw scandals from two of the members of SS501. That totally killed my day already. Full article Here. I was sad for quite a while but when I got to school its a totally different story. The lines for the ID, S-Z was especially long! Compared to the other ones. Then when I got my ID I went to the library to get my books. Yes we got our books today. LAME. I got 6 books! One for every class while others got like 3 or 4. Plus I had to walk to home so omg. Then not long after I got all my 6 books I noticed I lost my freakin` ID! OMG. It was all because when I entered the library these guys took my ID to look at the picture probably? And somehow lost it and WOW. I spent like 30 minutes looking for it. Then I had no idea so I walked out and saw Jenny and she told me to just go ask them to reprint it. So I went to the L-Building and "lied" and said I never got my ID printed and got my ID then went back to the book room and waited for a while and then got my books checked out. The only good thing from there was that they switched the all beat up Pre-Cal book to a newer one for me because they couldn't scan the barcode due to the taping. All of that crap took around 2 hours. We ended around 3:30 pm ish. So then Me and Michelle walked back to my house with our sh*t load of books. I had 6 and she had 3. Then I couldn't take it anymore so half way I called home and my brother came to help carry some books and then we got home. Then I asked my dad to drive me and Michelle to the mall and we went shopping. I bought a cardigan from wet seal. and a bag from icings. I really like what I bought so I guess it kind of made up for the crappiness that happened today.


I really like the bag. But the thing is with it, its crappy fabric. I think it will rip if I use it for school. But I placed my physio book in there and it didn't rip yet so yeah. The cardigan ehh. It wasn't as nice as I thought. Another thing that made me really happy today was. I FINALLY HAVE A CLASS WITH KRISTINE! After all those years of math. I finally have math with her again! Yay =)

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15 August 2009 @ 07:45 pm
So today I went online and bought my first bb cream. BIG MISTAKE. I ordered the "Etude House Precious Mineral Sheer Silky Skin." It's formulated for oily skinned. I'm somewhat normal/combo - oily skinned. After I clicked the order button I did further research and found out that the colors are different. The BB Cream that's formulated for dry skin is darker which I need. My skin's kind of dark. =( So I tried cancling the order but my brother said that its too late. Darn. I just hope that it blends well into my skin or else I'm going to have to order the other one that I wanted.

This is the BB Cream that I bought. It is said to have spf of 30, anti-aging, whitening, anti-wrinkles.

This is suppose to be how it looks like when dispensed out. The top one is the sheer silky skin bb cream made for oily skin. The bottom picture is the sheer glowing skin made for dry skin. See the big color difference? I think the bottom color fits me more. >:|

Last but not least. This is the bb cream that I wanted besides the other one. The only bad thing about this one is that it doesn't have all the other thing the other one has, spf, anti-aging, anti-wrinkling, whitening. Or else this would of been what I've gotten and I wouldn't have to worry about the color because this one actually auto adjusts to your skin color. If the other one doesn't work. I think I might end up getting this one.

Ok maybe that wasn't the last one but this one for sure is the last one. This is the bb cream that I bought for my mom. And this one for sure is a good one unlike the one I bought... grrr! Ohh well. I might use this one and see if its good if it is, I'mma abandon mine and use this one until I order another one. Lol.

Maybe I'll do a review when I get my things. Just maybe.

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13 April 2009 @ 09:26 pm
Reminisce_x3 NEEDS TO MOVE!
but to what? I cant think of a name and this livejournal is totally dead. D;
I'll move when i think of a name but for now, im on twitter :D
21 August 2008 @ 10:40 pm
MY DAY;; Caution: Very boring to read.
So, I went to the mall to day w/ my friend Jane. i walked to Ruskin to meet up w/ her but instead she walked to SMS and we met there. then we both walked to her house and we tried to waste time. we didnt know what to do. so we decided it was time for a movie, since we didnt even watched kungfu panda. so i chose to watch Meet the Robinson. and we were like actually listening to it for like around 10 mins or more. but it wasnt long till we got distracted again. and then we decided to collage "The Notebook" and we just left Meet the Robinson on running while we did the college. we changed like the cover over and over again. because we kept on comming up with better ideas and yeah. it was awesome at the end though. Jane said that shes gonna add more later on. Then while i was fliping through the magazine and at the end of the page, look what i found!
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14 August 2008 @ 09:30 pm
The Secret Life Of Bees!
- Finished! As of right now. YAY.

Today was like awesome ish. But very tiring. My friend came over to my house at 5 am. Crazy. She had to wake up at like 3 something to get ready. and walk to my house starting 4 or something and arrive here at 5. We were planning to watch Kung Fu Panda but we didnt watch it. because we got like distracted so we didnt even watch it. and we doodled and dazzled til 7. then we went to the dount shop. and arrived back at school at around 7:30 and waited about 30 mins. till 8. and we got our ids and stuff and schedules. man stupid pe.. im like unsatisfied w/ that. im ok w/ everything else just that. Argh imma die.
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12 August 2008 @ 05:22 pm
The Secret Life Of Bees.
- It's boring, long, and I needa finish it ASAP.

Next stop:
A Separate Peace.
- At least its shorter.
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18 July 2008 @ 04:36 pm
I feel like I havent posted in a long time; and its true. I've been like. around lately. mostly around home. because i dont feel like going anywhere or doing anything. just feel like sitting down. and share my day w/ dramas and shows and play my ds. animal crossing X;. its like addicting if you find something to do in there, but boring if you have to wait. and so on. tetris's been like haunting me. i swear. i think i play way too much. like WAY too much. because when ever i dooze off or like close my eyes. i always picture myself playing tetris. like all those blocks moving and everything. so yeah. :( its bad. i think i needa stop playing tetris for a while. but i dont know i wont;; too addicting. imma miss summer when it ends. i still needa read the books for english 2a. i feel like crocheting a scarf. ever since yesterday. hopefully i'll get to that. i still needa go buy the needles and the yarn and stuff. i wanna make a cream colored scarf and a light blue one. and all those other colors. 
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